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After many years as a primary school teacher, Viv turned to writing. She has published several humorous articles, including full page pieces in YOURS and MY WEEKLY magazines and AWEN, a small press publication. Also, was runner up in OTTAKER’S poetry competition and had poems in FREELANCE MARKET NEWS and UNITED PRESS POETRY BOOK , ‘HOME THOUGHTS’.

In 2010, she won the CHUDLEIGH PHOENIX annual short story competition and previously appeared on the RICHARD AND JUDY show. This was after being selected to be one of the twenty-five winners out of ten thousand entrants for their WINNING STORIES competition with a 1500 word short story for children. The book of twenty five stories was published by CHRYSALIS in aid of children’s charities.

The following is an extract from a book I am currently writing, called A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE CLASSROOM.

It follows my first year as a teacher in a junior school and many of the funny things that happened on MY learning curve. This is from the autumn term.

Trouble Balloons Up.....

I had not forgotten the promise I made myself to show the old members of staff my great worth! While maths was my area of speciality, I decided that art was a subject to attack.

I’d always enjoyed art. Did a bit of painting myself from time to time. I put in a regular order for an art and craft magazine from the newsagents and studied it. One article really intrigued me. Not only would the craft work be exciting and different from anything I had seen in any of the other classrooms, it would provide a good 3D display to hang from the ceiling. Always a good ploy, especially as I was to expect an inspector from my college to turn up at some time and report on me during this my first year.

Art lesson was Wednesday afternoon. Armed with a pack of balloons, a ball of string, a bucket and a packet of plaster of Paris powder, I was in a happy mood as I arrived at school that morning.

I won a free place to Swanwick Writers’ Summer School with this in 2014.)  I attended the school again this Summer, 2017.


Jack is friendless and frightened by the bullies who keep having a go at him. He doesn’t want to worry his dad whom he lives with since his parents’ divorce. Escaping to his special place by the sea on Two Tree Island, where he has found an old Roman coin, Jack is pulled beneath the water.

Dragged to safety by Julius, a boy apparently wearing Roman clothes, Jack finds himself in Roman Britain. Julius too, is being bullied. They become friends and eventually, believing in each other’s time zones, find ways to travel across the centuries.

Together experiencing the dangers of Roman times and the technology of the twenty-first century, they devise fantastic ways of making the bullies get their comeuppance.

And for Jack, there is proof it really did happen!

This story is suitable for 8 to 12 year olds.


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It is the story of Dinah, ten years old at the beginning of the story in 1897, who, with her family lives on the Polish / Russian border and must escape from the Russian Pogroms. After a hazardous journey they arrive penniless in Cardiff, Wales. The story follows Dinah’s life through to the 1930’s with Dinah always having something to escape from.

The Pogroms, poverty, an enslaving aunt and a cruel husband. However, she is part of a happy supportive family and with their support she becomes an accomplished business woman, a mother of four children, a good friend to many and develops into a very strong character. Eventually she has a chance for happiness. Will she take it?

Dinah is based on the life of my grandmother and many of the characters were real people.

Coming soon ……

I am now writing another novel, “Into Thin Air” which begins in the late 1950’s and will carry on until the 1990’s.

It follows the story of five people, some upright characters and some on the wrong side of the law, from a justice of the peace to a woman who runs a house of ill repute. Each of their lives interacts and affects the others. Are the innocent hurt and do the bad guys get their comeuppance?

The locations for the story are Southend-on-Sea in Essex and later London. The time-line covered sees the assassination of Kennedy, the swinging sixties, coffee bars and attitudes to sex, lesbianism and ‘the big sell’ pushiness and ‘big business’ of the age.

Into Thin Air -  being written

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