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My name is Janet Denny, and I live in Rayleigh in Essex. In the 1960’s I worked for Hodder and Stoughton the book publishers in London. I then worked in Gantshill Library, in Ilford.

Since that time I have done Charity work for the WRVS. I have also trained with ITEC I am now a registered Aromatherapist.

In my spare time I run a Drama Group and write and produce my own plays.

In 2005 I entered a 3 act play in a competition called ‘Naked Talent’ for the Essex Playwrights Festival. The play entitled ‘Head in the Clouds’, came fifth.

I have a great passion for writing plays and have to date written over a dozen one-act plays. All of which have been produced successfully for my Drama Group.

Two of my plays ‘Autumn Gold’ and ‘The Landlord Cometh’ have subsequently been published.

Last year I wrote a book with a friend called Hilary Ager, entitled ‘How to write and Produce a One-act Play’ This book has been based on the experiences of running a Drama Group, Costume Design and Scenery making and all the fun that goes with it.

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